Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paper instead of Fabric

Paper instead of Fabric is just not my thing when it comes to decoupaging traincases.  This one turned out nice enough, but I just prefer the clean lines of fabric rather than paper.  I used music sheet patterned paper for this train case.  

I decided to just clean the inside of this one because it was still in good shape and had front and back pockets that would have been removed if I attempted to recover the interior of the case. 

The case turned out nice and sold quickly once I put the word out that it was up for sale.  But I believe I will stick with fabric from now on.

Thank you for coming for a visit and checking out my latest projects.  I will be posting again soon, this time I will be showing the fabrics I plan to work with on future projects. Please come back soon.  And as always, thank you.
Brenda  :-)

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